Cleaning tips for your kitchen?

  1. Deep cleaning the kitchen

The festival of lights, Diwali, is just around the corner and everyone is preparing for the big day. Cleaning the whole house for the festivities is something which is on top of every family’s to-do list. But, cleaning the kitchen is such a big task as it requires a lot of efforts and time. What if we help in easing your efforts? That would be great, right?!
During festivals, we relish various foods from sweet to savoury, so, it becomes really important to have a tidy kitchen where healthy and germ-free food can be cooked. To keep you and your family healthy, we have come up with 10 brilliant ideas to deep clean your kitchen with minimum efforts! Scroll down and know the ways!

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  1. Throw away the old cracked containers

We, Indians, love reusing old containers even when they are cracked or are in a very bad condition. Obviously, it is pocket-friendly to not buy new ones but the old ones create clutter in your kitchen. So, you must throw them away! This removing of clutter definitely makes cleaning easy.

  1. Start with the exhaust and chimney

They are the dirtiest and you need to work the hardest on them. Make a solution of warm water, soap and vinegar and douse them with the liquid. Leave for a while. Use a scrubber to clean them. It might take a little time as there is no short cut to this!

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  1. Banish the roaches

Cockroaches, insects and rhodents bring diseases with them. Ensure that there is no clutter in the drainage area. This is one place you need to clean daily and pour disinfectant. Use eco friendly anti-insect medicine in kitchen racks to do away with unwanted pests. In a spray bottle, put peppermint oil and spray it all around the kitchen. Don’t leave any corner! This will kill all the cockroaches in your kitchen.

  1. Create more space

Get rid of the stuff which you don’t use anymore in the kitchen like unwanted ingredients or equipments. It will create more space and will make your kitchen look tidy!

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  1. Use colour papers for shelves

In India, people generally spread newspapers on their kitchen shelves, which is clearly a cheaper alternative. But, don’t do that and instead, buy coloured papers and spread them! You can either match them to the walls or not, that’s your choice!

  1. From old to new

Make your old utensils look just like new with the mixture of white vinegar and hot water. Dip a cloth in it and apply directly on the utensils. Leave for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water.

  1. Get rid of that trash can odour

Sprinkle some baking soda inside the trash can before throwing any garbage in it. Doing this will absorb the foul smell from the bin.

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  1. Clean the window tracks

We all notice the dirty windows and clean them often. But, have you ever looked at the window tracks? No, right? So, don’t forget to do it this time! Firstly, remove the dust using a microfibre glove and then wash off with detergent and warm water.

  1. Shiny countertops

After you are done with decluttering them, make your countertops shine like mirror. First scrub them clean with soap and water, then apply a mixture of neem oil, camphor and water and rub across. This will not just give a pleasant aroma to your kitchen but will also keep insects away.

  1. Washing up

If you have to wash some boxes and utensils, just soak them in hot water to which soap has been added, overnight. In the morning a little scrubbing will do the job!

Chopping techniques for vegetables and foods

  1. Chopping hacks

Chopping is a big task and is generally very time-consuming. Most of the times, we avoid preparing those dishes which involve cutting vegetables because it automatically doubles the amount of time the dish needs to get ready. But for our convenience, many manual chopping/dicing/slicing products have been released in the market. For those who own it, they know that it doesn’t make any big difference in the preparation time, and instead, it also needs the similar amount of time to wash, change or place the blades on the product. So, for easing your efforts, we have compiled a list of 9 vegetable chopping hacks in this article. Read on to learn how to cook more efficiently.

  1. Cauliflower

Start by cutting the cauliflower into half and then cut the stem from the middle. The vegetable will fall apart into large florets without wasting too much of time!

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  1. Onion

Remove the head and the bottom of the onion and halve it. Then, remove the peel and slice it vertically and hold the slices together. Now, cut it horizontally and turn it around. Chop it from top to bottom and there you get nicely chopped onions in no time!

  1. Pineapple

Cut off the crown and the base of the pineapple. Now, cut the peel and trim the eyes. Cut it into four equal pieces and then chop it into small chunks of any size you want!

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  1. Pomegranate

First, you need to halve it. Then, fill a bowl with water and slowly push the edges to open up the fruit. Hit it with a big spoon to separate the seeds from the peel. Repeat the process until you get all the seeds out of the fruit body and then drain the water and enjoy!

  1. Mango

Cut the mango vertically and keep the slices aside. Slit the slices horizontally as well as vertically and push the peel outside. Then, make a horizontal cut to remove the small pieces from the peel.

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  1. Beans

While chopping beans, many of us have cut our fingers. So, to protect the fingers, just place multiple beans together on the chopping board. Hold them by curling your fingers inwards and then chop!

  1. Bell pepper

Remove the top and the bottom of the bell pepper and cut it horizontally into two or three pieces. Remove the seeds easily by slicing the membrane in a circular motion. Now, chop or slice them as per your need.

  1. Coriander leaves

First take the stem with leaves and fold it two times. Now, put it on the slab and finely chop it. You can also use scissors to chop them!

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  1. Green Chillies

Use scissors to chop green chillies. This will prevent burning sensation in your fingers.